Welcome to by.smilinthyme! I’m Jenny and I live in Sweden. Today we had our very first snow and I am happy to bundle up in doors and immerse myself in art. The main focus of this blog will be about my endeavors in art journaling in different forms. I am belonging to a great art journaling community called Get Messy . It’s a wonderful group of people and the inspiration and tutorials are awesome. Right now we are in the end of the Season of Dreams, every monday for six weeks we get prompts themed around dreams. The art journal page above tells about a weird dream I had. I usually have fun in my dreams, I dream long sequences, stories really. Of course they never get finished but usually they are exciting to be in.

Not all of my dreams are lovely, although I wish they all were in pink. Some of them are feverish and scary which is represented in the spread below:


In my dreams you also can find the weird and wonderful as below. It is inspired by some tutorials in the Get Messy Community by two cool artists: Essie and Vanessa, in this post by the latter you’ll see an awesome example. Mine is somewhat different since I have used watercolor ground over gesso in my Moleskine calendar. The paint doesn’t bleed so much then but I really like the effect.


Tomorrow I will tell you a bit about a collaboration I was in recently. Much fun.