I had the best raw cake this morning at our city library yesterday, it contained avocado and you couldn’t tell. So creamy and rich! I usually spend my mornings there after being on sleep call at work. This makes the day after not having much sleep much more likeable and I get more done during the rest of the day. Yesterday I took the chance to use the library’s lovely soft natural light to take photos for this post.


One of the best things that comes with being in a big art journaling community such as Get Messy Art Journal is the possibility to do collaborations. This is an adventure themed zine I made with Torrie, Moriah och Lynda. Making the zine is really an adventure in it self, it really stretches your creativity.  Torrie created the base for the zine and started it and sent it on for us to complete. We were to each create a 3-4 pages and then send it on to the next one. I was in awe when I received the zine, it was so beautiful. I hardly dared to paint in it. Then when I started it was so much fun, to work on a smaller surface was so freeing.

Here are the Adventure Zine, enjoy it in all its glory and keep reading for a gift.


Torrie printed the zine for all of us and look how beautiful she made the envelope. I wish you could see whole lettered address, it’s gorgeous, but I don’t want to put it out on the web.




So much lovely art already, it makes me smile.


In the base of the zine there were different kinds of papers; blank ones, musical scores and canvas (which was a new thing for me to work with, quite happy with the result though – above to the right).



So much diversity and styles!


Other worlds…


… and galaxies!



I was in doubt wether to do the next one to the left or not…


But since the musical score was Londonderry Air and this was played on my father-in-law’s funeral I just had to make it.


Torrie was so kind and made this zine into a black & white  download (to make it like an old school zine) and the instructions for printing you find here on her blog post. Enjoy!

PS, to cite Torrie ”Once you’ve downloaded and printed your zine, we would LOVE if you shared it with us! As an aritst, nothing jazzes me more than seeing something I’ve made in the hands of others. You can see more of the zine and share your copy on Instagram using the tag #gmadventurezine.”

Moriah has blogged about the zine too. I think Lynda is planning to too.