I work in several journals at the same time. This helps me having momentum going. When one journal is drying , I can work on another. I am not finished with my Get Messy Season of Music journal and one of the prompts for that season was about listening to songs and and take inspiration from them. This is one of the pages inspired from this prompt. Here I actually worked on the base first without listening to a song. It was a day when I was a bit off and not in the mood for doing deep stuff, so I was inspired by the How She Creates podcast about collage. There they talked about the need to ”glue shit down”. It’s really therapeutic and just the right thing for that day.


Another day I decided to listen to some songs and Under Pressure with Freddie Mercury and David Bowie just stuck and I knew that I had found the journaling for that page.


This spread is not entirely done yet since this particular art journal has pages in various sizes and as you can see the left page is smaller than the left. Also there is a burnt hole in it, inspired by the very cool Vanessa of Dans Mon Crane. I got very carried away with burning holes in my journal after seeing her tutorial at Get Messy Art Journal. I haven’t tried adding stitching yet though, which I intend to do to other pages in this journal.


Please make sure you put safety first if you try to burn holes in your journal.