This past week has been a busy week, visiting friends and family, celebrating the New Year and even some work. There has not been so much art journaling. I did get the chance to art journal and paint alongside my sister-in-law and my little nephew. That was fun. Both of the pieces I am showing today I did work on that day. First the Get Messy Season of Gifts Week 4.


I made the foundation that day, it’s a mixture of collage and Neocolor II’s. I knew I had to bring in Christ in the season of gifts, especially since it recently was Christmas.

When I paint I always have a scrap paper to smear of excess paint on. The piece below is such a one, that I had when I painted the star on week 2 for Season of Gifts.  I added some Sharpie lines on it. I think I will use it for a collage.


I made another one for week 2 of Season of Gifts. Why should Christmas be coloured red, green and so on. These are my dream baubles….


They were gelliprinted on wax paper, not totally happy with the result, the colour comes easily off when writing on it.

And now I leave you with week three of Season of Gifts.


Made of scraps and ephemera. The chequered strips are a concert wrist band, the clouds candy wrappers and the plant is partly cut out from a potato crisp bag. The tag came with a pair of jeans I bought a long time ago.

Enjoy 2017!