I had an intense end of last week, both work wise and fun wise. It feels like I have a lot going on ahead too. A lot of fun included but still I feel a bit overwhelmed and not sure when I’ll find that precious alone time. I do take time for art, at least a little every day, that’s what keeps me sane. 

Last monday we were busy cleaning our home, preparing for some over night guests and after having done a lot I found an envelope on our kitchen table (sneaky husband not telling me at once), from China. I was expecting fun mail, but not from there. I knew though that the only person that I have contact with over there is Vanessa so I got curious. Inside I found this:

I squealed so high in delight that my husband almost jumped off his chair (an exaggeration but almost…). It was a Zine from the Zine Squad made for me, and I didn’t have a clue! Look at the theme: The Coloring Zine! I love colouring and have even attempted to make a page of my own. Thank you so much Katie (blog), Julia (blog), Vanessa (blog) and guest collaborator Ammie, I am truly honoured! This was perfect timing, I really needed something fun and happy that day. Make sure to go to their blogs and Instagram accounts linked above and read more about this cool zine, they all are truly inspiring artists. 

The Zine Squad collaborate on themed zines and surprise people in their creative network with them. To find out more about the Zine Squad, listen to this podcast episode by How She Creates.


I can’t get over how yummy this zine is and am eager to colour it! 

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